How to Locate the Serial Number on a Corvair

by William Carne
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The serial number of a Corvair, also called a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), is in one of two locations, depending on the year of your car. One locale is easy to find; the other, however, is hidden and takes more work to get to. But it's worth the effort to confirm the vehicle's true identity in cases where the VIN number may have been tampered with.

Step 1

Open the car door and sit in the driver's seat. If your Corvair was made before 1968, the serial number will be on the door below the upper hinge. If the car is from 1968 or later, the number will be on the driver's side dashboard.

Step 2

Look on the front suspension cross member on the right side of the rail to find an alternative hidden VIN number. Much like the visible location, the hidden location for the number also changes depending on the manufacturing date. On models later than 1965, it is on the front suspension cross member, which is the assembly that holds the radiator and provides attachments for the engine. This number is probably not possible to see without a lift for your car in a proper mechanical garage.

Step 3

Look on the front frame rail to find the hidden VIN number on models older than 1965. This rail is part of the main frame used when assembling a vehicle. You may have to take off the cross member to see the full number, but this is a complicated mechanical procedure and should not be attempted by a novice.

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