How to Check a Snowmobile VIN Number

by Josh Baum

In 1981, standards established by the International Organization for Standardization took effect on all new street-legal vehicles in the world. These standards mandated that each vehicle would be issued a VIN, or vehicle identification number, which had to be engraved on a plate and installed somewhere on the vehicle. On snowmobiles, this number is always located in the same place.

Step 1

Approach the right side of the snowmobile and crouch down.

Step 2

Find the VIN plate. It is mounted on the snowmobile body approximately three inches below the bottom edge of the seat. It is closer to the back of the seat than the front.

Step 3

Write down the entire alphanumeric 17-character code.

Step 4

Contact the snowmobile manufacturer if you want to find additional information that can be retrieved using the VIN. Although there are several services that sell detailed vehicle history reports based on VINs, these services apply to passenger vehicles only and do not include snowmobiles, ATVs, watercraft and other vehicle types that have VINs.

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