How to Write a Bill of Sale for a Snowmobile

by Brooke Pierce

A snowmobile is a recreation vehicle and requires a bill of sale during the transfer process from seller to buyer. The bill of sale is used for registration and tax collection. Ensure that all parts of the bill of sale are filled out properly to avoid future problems. The buyer and the seller have to complete the bill of the sale. It is a legal written document that the buyer uses to hand over his interests and rights to the purchaser.

Receive Proof of Ownership

During the purchase of a snowmobile, ensure that you receive proof of ownership. This will help avoid difficulties when you go to register your snowmobile. Include a bill of sale as part of the proof of ownership.

Draft the Bill of Sale

A bill of sale for a snowmobile should include the year, make and model of the vehicle, date of sale, purchase price, name and signature of the buyer and the seller and the vehicle identification number. It should contain the physical addresses and telephone numbers of both parties. It may also include an odometer reading that shows the mileage of the snowmobile. The bill of sale will also provide you with the information on how long the seller has had the snowmobile. The bill of sale format for a snowmobile differs from state to state, so check with your local motor vehicles office.

Keep Records.

The seller and the purchaser should keep records of this information. Make copies as needed. The bill of sale -- and supporting documents -- will serve as a receipt for the transaction between the seller and buyer. You can usually use a generic snowmobile bill of sale for the transaction.


  • The bill of sale cannot be used to prove ownership of a snowmobile unless you accompany it with other documents that show proof. 
  • You also must obtain a bill of sale if you receive the snowmobile as a gift.   

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