How to Lace a Helmet D-Ring Chin Strap

by Chris Gilliland
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Putting on a motorcycle helmet with a D-ring chin strap for the first time can be a confusing proposition, considering that most helmets are equipped with a puzzling amount of straps and buckles. What truly puzzles these new riders is the curious set of D-shaped metal rings sewn into one of the chin straps. Luckily, using the D-rings on the chin strap is simple enough that, with practice, you'll even be able to fasten your helmet with one hand.

Step 1

Slip the chinstrap through both D-rings and pull to tighten the helmet securely onto your head.

Step 2

Fold the chin strap over the first D-ring and pass it under the second D-ring. Pull the chin strap to tighten it against the D-rings. The chin strap should now be held securely between the D-rings.

Step 3

Fold the loose end of the chin strap over both D-rings and attach it to the snap button on the opposite strap.

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