Kia Sedona Lock Problems

by Wendy Morgan
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The Sedona is an affordable minivan made by the Kia Motors. Some owners have reported problems with the locks on these minivans that could be due to electrical problems or component failures.

Doors Locking and Unlocking

A problem reported by Kia Sedona owners includes locks that lock and unlock on their own while the car was in gear. If you have this problem with your Sedona's locks, it is probably due to an electrical problem. Your mechanic or dealership can take a look and figure out if this is the cause behind the problem.

Doors Won't Unlock

A problem reported on the Kia Sedona by some customers was that the car doors would not unlock either through the keyless entry or by using the key. The keyless entry was in working order and the key turned in the lock as it should, but the doors remained locked. This is most likely due to a component failure in the locking mechanism of the door itself. Sedona owners with this problem should have a mechanic look at the problem to determine the exact cause and how to fix the issue.

Doors Won't Lock

Other problems reported were that the doors do not automatically lock as they should when put into Drive. Most Sedona vehicles have an automatic locking mechanism that allows the doors to lock as soon as the vehicle is put into Drive. If the locks do not automatically lock when your vehicle is put in gear, you can manually lock them by pushing the lock button, but this problem should be looked at by your mechanic as it can be something that is easily fixed.

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