How to Open a Ford Focus Without Keys

by Diana Braun
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Almost everyone has locked their keys in the car at some point. A locksmith must be contacted to unlock the doors without damaging the vehicle. Professionals have the proper lock-out service tools to get the car opened.

Step 1

Call the police. Law enforcement often carries the "Slim Jim," which can be used to unlock car doors. The police will treat the situation as an emergency if a child or baby is locked in the car. If no one is locked inside, the police may still come to assist, but it may take awhile depending on how busy they are.

Step 2

Call your auto insurance company and ask if roadside assistance and lock-out service is included in your policy.

Step 3

Sign up for a AAA membership. AAA offers roadside assistance, including lock-out service, for up to $50.

Step 4

Call a locksmith. They have the proper tools to unlock a vehicle.

Step 5

Call a tow truck company. Tow companies also have lock-out tools to get your car open.

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