How to Get a Key Made for a KIA Sorento

by Keith Dooley

Losing your keys can be a hassle, especially if you have one with an electronic key fob. If you own a Kia Sorento and lost the keys, or if you just want a spare, you can get a new set fairly easily as long as you have the right information and can prove you have a right obtain them. Once you get your copy, always test it to make sure it works before leaving the shop.

Want a Copy

Step 1

Take your Kia car keys to the closest Kia dealership along with the ID key. The ID key has the code to program electronic keys.

Step 2

Go to the parts department and request a copy your key. They will ask if you want a basic key or an electronic one. Basic keys can be made quickly, but there will be a wait for an electronic one.

Show the Kia representative where your car is if you want an electronic key. The parts department worker will need to program the key to your car.

Need a Replacement

Step 1

Write down your ID key code. The ID key should be in your paperwork.

Step 2

Go to the Kia dealership parts department that is closest to you.

Provide proof of ownership that you own the car, such as your ownership papers. Give them the ID key, as well, which will allow them to look the car up and obtain the information needed to program the key.

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