How to Get a New Key for Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

Vehicles codes the chip inside the key with a digital signal unique to the particular Vehicles. A transponder inside the dashboard reads and recognizes this signal as soon as you insert the key into the ignition. If the chipped key is not present, the Vehicles ignition system is disabled. In the event you lose or damage your key, you'll need to have a Vehicles dealership replace it and program the replacement key to your Vehicles.

Under The Hood:

 How to Get a New Key for a 99 Ford Expedition

Go to your Ford dealer's parts department with your 1999 Expedition's VIN number, registration or title and your state issued ID.

Present your VIN number to the parts counterperson and request a new key for your 1999 Ford Expedition. The Parts Manager will need to verify you own the Expedition by matching your title or registration with your state issued ID (if the Parts Manager is not available, ask to see the Service Manager or Parts and Service Director). This is a safety measure incorporated by Ford Motor Company in 2007 to prevent thieves from requesting keys to your Ford vehicle.

Go to the service department with your new key and request to have the key programmed to your Expedition. You will have to have your Expedition present, so if you don't have any keys for it, you'll need to tow it to the dealership.

Items you will need

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)

  • Proof of ownership, such as the title or registration

  • State issued ID

 How to Get a New Key for My Hyundai Elantra


Look near the base of the driver’s side windshield. Locate a slim metal plate along the side of the windshield that will have the VIN number. Record the number and have your driver's license, registration and insurance documents on hand. This will be needed to prove ownership.

Visit you local hardware store if you are looking to simply make a duplicate of a non-computerized car key. Some later Hyundai Elantra car keys have computerized chips at the base of the key to open the locks. These cannot be made by the hardware store.

Look for area locksmiths. There are many locksmiths that have the technology and capability to cut and reprogram duplicate car keys. The prices are typically cheaper than the dealer.

Visit the dealer as a last resort. Visit the Hyundai USA website and click on “Find a Dealer.” Enter your zip code and it will reveal a list of the nearest dealers and service centers.

Call the dealership and ask for the parts department. Arrange a time or appointment to have the key replaced.

 How Get New Key For a Buick Park Avenue

Visit the parts department at your nearest Buick dealership. Be sure to bring your current key with you. Ask the department to cut a new security key for you.

Inspect the key closely. On the head, you should see the inscription "PK3." According to the Buick Park Avenue's owner's manual, this lets you know that the key is the right kind. Bring the key to your vehicle to prepare for programming.

Insert your current key into the ignition. Crank the Buick's engine. Turn the key to "Off" and remove it.

Insert the key you need to program within 10 seconds. Turn it to "Run." The "Security" light in your odometer window will turn on. When it turns off, the key is programmed. This may take a few minutes.

Items you will need

  • Current key

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