How to Get Copies of Lost GMC Car Keys Made

by Stephen Ip

It is possible to have copies of lost car keys made by contacting your local GMC dealership or locating a third-party car locksmith. Getting replacement keys for older model cars is easier since the dealership or locksmith only needs the vehicle identification number (VIN) to make a new key. Replacing keys for late model cars is more challenging as newer keys are imbedded with an electronic microchip. For a replacement key to work, the microchip must be programmed properly to communicate with your vehicle. (See Reference 1.)

In order to make you replacement keys, the GMC dealership or locksmith will need your car's VIN and your proof of ownership. The VIN can be found on the title for your car or by looking in the lower left corner of the dashboard in front of your vehicle's steering wheel.

Step 1

Gather the necessary information to have copies of your lost car keys made. This information will include your vehicle identification number, proof of ownership and one form of personal identification.

Step 2

Find a local GMC dealership or car locksmith by looking in the phone book or performing an online search. When contacting the dealership or locksmith, inform them you need replacement keys made. Providing the dealership or locksmith with your vehicle's information should allow them to tell you if you need replacement keys with an embedded electronic microchip.

Step 3

Bring your car's VIN number and all required documentation to the dealership or locksmith to have your keys made. For replacement keys with embedded microchips, the programming may take several days to complete. However, the process can usually be expedited for an additional cost.

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