Installing Fog Lights in a Highlander

by Allen Moore

The fog lights in a Toyota Highlander provide increased visibility when driving through storms or areas of heavy fog by casting the light at a lower angle than standard headlights. This angle prevents the light from diffusing through the mist. Headlights, with their higher angle, actually decrease visibility and create a hazardous driving situation, hence the need for fog lights. If both of your fog lights go out at the same time, you probably have a blown fuse, but if only one goes out, you'll need to install a new one. If you're mechanically apt and have a half hour of free time, you can install a new fog light bulb in your Highlander.

Step 1

Climb under the front end of the Highlander with the socket set and replacement fog light bulb. Unclip the fog light wiring connector from the light by hand.

Step 2

Reach behind the front bumper and remove the three bolts holding the fog lamp in place. Pull the fog light out of the fog light bracket by hand.

Step 3

Insert the replacement fog light bulb manually. Bolt the replacement fog light bulb to the bracket using the socket set.

Step 4

Plug the fog light wiring connector into the back of the replacement fog light bulb by hand. Climb out from under the Highlander with your socket set and the old bulb. Discard the old fog light bulb.

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