Installation of an E-Z Pass

by Michelle Varsallona

E-Z Pass can save you a lot of money if you frequently drive toll roads. E-Z Pass offers two options: the traditional license plate mounted tag and the window tag. If you do not want something hanging in your car, ask for the license plate tag. If you want to easily remove the tag, ask for the window tag.

License Plate Tag

Unscrew your front license plate.

Align the E-Z Pass tag with the two screw holes at the top of the license plate. Make sure the arrows on the back of the tag point up.

Screw the license plate back onto the car with the EZ Pass attached to the front.

Window Tag

Clean the inside of your window around the rearview mirror.

Remove the tape backing from the mounting strips.

Fit the mounting strips onto the matching strips on the back of the E-Z Pass. The sticky portion of the mounting strips should face outward.

Place the E-Z Pass on the window behind the mirror; the arrows should face up. It can be beneath the mirror mount or directly to the left or right of it.

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