How to Install Wheel Locks

by Nigel D'Orville
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Automotive wheel theft is a common occurrence. One way to protect your vehicle wheels is to install locking lug nuts. Locking lug nuts require a special "key" to remove them from the wheel. This not only prohibits someone from stealing your wheels, but it also prevents you from having to deal with the insurance company, as well as being stranded in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone to come pick you up.

Step 1

Remove the hub caps on your wheels (if necessary).

Step 2

Remove one lug nut from each wheel using your tire iron. Save the lug nuts you removed and keep them somewhere safe (the glove box is a good spot).

Step 3

Use your hands to screw one locking lug nut onto each wheel where you removed the original lug nut.

Step 4

Insert the lock key onto the locking lug nut, and tighten the nut using your tire iron. Press inward on the key and lug nut to tighten it properly. Repeat this procedure for all four wheels and the spare tire (if applicable).

Re-tighten the new locking nuts after about 25 miles of driving.

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