How to Program an Acura Tl Keyless Entry

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The Acura TL's keyless entry system is user-programmable in 1997 to 2006 models. On 2007 and newer models, the remotes must be programmed at the dealership. A working remote is not necessary to enter the transmitter programming mode, unlike on many other vehicles. Use a genuine Acura key fob for the programming procedure; you'll be unable to match up non-factory transmitters. Each action must be completed within four seconds of the previous action, or the procedure will have to be repeated.

Step 1

Insert your key, close the doors and turn your key to "On" (this position is marked "II" on your ignition). Quickly press "Lock" on the remote you want to program, and then turn the ignition to "Lock" (marked "0").

Step 2

Turn the ignition back to "On." Quickly press "Lock" on the same remote. Turn the ignition to "Lock," and then turn it back to "On."

Step 3

Press "Lock" on the same remote. Turn the ignition to "Lock," and then turn it back to "On." You will hear the doors lock, then unlock. This signals that you are in transmitter programming mode. If the doors don't lock, repeat the entire process, paying close attention to the time between each action.

Step 4

Press "Lock" again on the same remote. You'll hear the door locks engage, then disengage to confirm that the remote is programmed. Press "Lock" on each additional remote you want to program. When you are finished, turn the key to "Lock."

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