How to Install a Parking Light Tail Light Assembly on a Toyota

by Daniel Valladares

All Toyota vehicles come equipped with tail light assemblies at the rear of the vehicle. These tail light assemblies have two or three lights on them, depending on the year the Toyota vehicle was produced: the parking light, the turn signal light, and the backup light. Installing a tail light assembly differs depending on the type of Toyota vehicle, but the general idea is the same: open the rear door, remove the screws securing the old assembly, disconnect its wire connectors, pull it out of the vehicle and install the new assembly. The only differences lie in the number of screws.

Step 1

Park the Toyota vehicle on a flat service and remove the keys from its ignition.

Step 2

Open the trunk, rear door or tail gate, depending on what type of Toyota vehicle you have. Locate the tail light assembly screws on the inboard side of the vehicle. There can be anywhere from two to four screws securing the assembly.

Step 3

Remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Do not lose the screws, since you'll need them to install the new tail light assembly.

Step 4

Pull the assembly out of the vehicle and disconnect its wire connectors. There can be anywhere from one to three wire connectors. Make sure all of the connectors are pulled off the assembly.

Step 5

Place the new assembly into the vehicle and connect the wire connectors to the rear of the new assembly. Reinstall the tail light assembly screws and close the trunk, rear door or tail gate.

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