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How to Install a Stereo in a Geo Metro

by Contributor

The Geo Metro was a car with great gas mileage and even had a convertible option. The Geo Metro is an economical car for young and first-time buyers. Adding a boost to the interior by replacing the stereo in the Metro requires a few basic tools and a little patience.

Step 1

Unhook the negative battery cable and secure it away from any metal parts or panels. Set the gearshift as far back as possible and raise the steering wheel as high as it will go.

Step 2

Pull out the climate control knobs by setting them to a vertical position and pulling firmly. Locate the two screws at the top of the trim piece that surround the stereo and remove them.

Step 3

Locate the two screws, one on each side of the radio. Push a short Phillips head screwdriver under the bottom of the console trim on the passenger side. Work the screwdriver up the inside of the panel until you can position it to remove the screw on the right side of the radio.

Step 4

Remove the screw from the left side of the stereo and pull the head unit out of the Geo Metro dash. Disconnect the wires from the back of the radio and set the original stereo aside.

Step 5

Slide the new stereo into the GM mounting kit and secure it with the screws provided. Connect the wiring harness adaptor to the old wiring harness and then to the back of the stereo. Attach the antenna wire and slide the entire assembly into the dash until you hear it click into place.

Reconnect the negative cable on the battery and turn the radio on. Test each speaker and the head unit controls for proper operation before replacing the trim and climate control knobs.

Items you will need

  • Screwdrivers
  • Wiring harness adaptor
  • GM mounting kit

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