How to Install Speakers in a Toyota Corolla

by Teresa Rodriguez
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The Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular cars in the United States. Like many newer cars, installing or replacing speakers is not the simple matter of removing a grille and unscrewing the speaker. In the effort to make the interior more ergonomic, you now need to remove the door or other panels to gain access to speaker mounts, but it can still be done on your own.

Installing Door Speakers

Step 1

Pry out the triangular plastic panel at the top leading edge of the door, known as the sail panel. Use a flathead screwdriver or a panel tool.

Step 2

Remove the Philips screw from the trim behind the door release. Also remove the remaining clip.

Step 3

Nudge up the the armrest pad, and remove it. Extract the Philips screws located beneath the pad.

Step 4

Pull gently around the edges of the door panel to release it from the clips that hold it in place. Once loosened, remove it from the door.

Step 5

Drill out the rivets that hold the stock speaker in place. Then, remove the speaker and disconnect its wires.

Connect the new speaker to the loose speaker wires, then attach it to the door with sheet metal screws. Test the speaker output, and reassemble the door panel.

Installing Rear Deck Speakers

Step 1

Remove the brake light on the rear deck. Push it back towards the window to release it, and disconnect its wires. Put the light unit aside.

Step 2

Extract the two circular clips on the front edge of the rear deck panel. Also remove the seat belts from their slots on the rear deck.

Step 3

Pull up slightly on the rear deck, then pull towards you, and remove the rear deck.

Step 4

Unscrew the 10mm screws that hold the deck speakers in place. There are four screws to remove for each speaker. Disconnect the speaker wiring, and remove the old speaker.

Connect the new speaker by reversing the steps to remove the old speaker. Mount the new speaker using the four Philips screws.

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