How to Install a Radio in a C6 Corvette

by Alibaster Smith

A popular upgrade for the C6 Corvette is to replace the radio unit. Aftermarket radios offer an improvement over the factory amplifier found in the Corvette's radio. You need to make sure that the new radio you purchase is compatible with your Corvette. In some instances, you may need an adapter plug so that your new radio will connect to the factory wiring harness. Once you've removed the old radio, you need to know how to install the new unit.

Step 1

Plug the antenna cable into the back of the radio unit in the input marked for the antenna.

Step 2

Plug the electrical connector from the factory harness into the back of the radio unit. Some radio units for the Corvette may require an adapter plug which should come with your new radio. Plug the pinned connector on the factory wiring harness into the converter plug and then connect the electrical plug to the back of the radio.

Step 3

Slide the radio unit into the dash of the C6 Corvette. The C6 has four mounting holes that secure the radio. Your radio needs to have four mounting holes as well. Some radios may use a mounting adapter to make sure that the radio fits correctly in the C6 dash. Thread the mounting screws to secure the radio in the dash.

Step 4

Snap the trim bezel over the radio unit.

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