How to Install a Harmonic Balancer in a Ford

by John Stevens J.D.

As an engine operates, it creates extreme vibrations as a result of the power it produces. These vibrations can, over time, damage the internal components of the engine. For this reason, an engine is equipped with a device called a harmonic balancer. The primary purpose of this device is to reduce vibrations and prolong the life of the engine. Although removing a harmonic balancer can be an arduous task, the installation of it is simple because the ones used by Ford are attached to the engine with a single bolt and a single washer.

Place the harmonic balancer over the snout of the crankshaft. The crankshaft's snout is the portion of the crankshaft that exits the front of the engine. Note that the crankshaft's snout has a raised metal portion that runs along its length. This metal portion is designed to slide through a groove that has been cut into the center of the harmonic balancer, much the same way a key fits into a lock. This ridge ensures the harmonic balancer is positioned properly onto the crankshaft. Place the harmonic balancer over the crankshaft's snout. Turn the balancer until the ridge on the snout slides into the groove of the balancer.

Place the balancer's washer over the threaded portion of the balancer's bolt until the washer rests against the underside of the bolt's head.

Insert this bolt with the washer attached through the center of the balancer, then twist the bolt in a clockwise direction into the crankshaft's snout.

Equip a torque wrench with a deep socket of the appropriate size. Place the socket over the head of the harmonic balancer's bolt. Turn the bolt with the torque wrench in a clockwise direction until the correct torque setting is reached. Consult the vehicle's specification manual for the proper torque setting.

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