How to Install Dodge Running Boards

by Gregory Crews

Running boards can dramatically alter the appearance of your vehicle. The running boards also provide easier passage into your truck or van as it gives you that extra step into the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Inspect your hardware to make sure you have the proper brackets and hardware to install on your vehicle. You should have 4 brackets and enough nuts, washer and bolts to attach the running board to the vehicle.

Inspect the vehicle as to where you are going to install the running boards. If you do not see any holes or anything you can bolt into, then you will need to drill new holes.

Place your running board assembly where you are going to mount and mark the holes to drill. Drill out the holes needed for mounting the assembly brackets.

Place the bracket to the desired spot and bolt the bracket and secure it with a washer on the nut side and the bolt side. The washer will prevent the bolt from working its way out. Mount the other bracket the same way.

Place the running board in between the mounting assembly and bolt. Tighten the running board with your ratchet to the bracket assembly. The running board should be tight, with no free play when you step on the running board.

Repeat the steps on the other side of the vehicle. Double check your work with a level to ensure the running boards are level after installation.


  • check You can have the brackets welded to the frame rail to ensure the bracket stays in place.


  • close Double check where you have to drill to make sure you don't drill into vital components.

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