How to Install a Child Seat in a Jeep Patriot

by David Weinberg
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A properly installed child seat is vital to the safety of a child in your vehicle. Most late model vehicles, including the Jeep Patriot, have a special child seat anchoring system that allows you to easily install a child seat securely. The Patriot's Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, or LATCH, system allows you to install a child seat directly to the vehicle without the use of the vehicle's seat belts. Most newer child seats are compatible with the LATCH system.

Step 1

Choose where you want to install your child seat. You can install a child seat into any of the three rear seats, but a single seat should be placed behind the passenger seat. If you are installing two seats using the tether system, you must install them in the two outside seats. If you are installing three seats, you must use a seat-belt securing system for the middle seat. If you are going to use the LATCH system in a seat, buckle the seat belt to keep it out of the way and away from the child.

Step 2

Locate the lower straps and tethers. There are four lower straps in the Patriot's back row of seats, one on either side of the outside seats. There are three tethers, one at the back of each backrest in the back row. For each seat that you are installing you will need two lower straps and one tether.

Step 3

Loosen the adjusters on the lower straps and tethers that you are using. Run the tether anchor over the center of the head restraint and down to the middle of the seat where you are installing your child seat.

Step 4

Place the child seat in the car seat and secure the appropriate hooks or connectors to the lower anchors and tether as directed by your child seat's instruction manual. There should be at least one connector per anchor or tether.

Step 5

Tighten the two anchor straps and the tether strap as you push the child seat downward and rearward into the car seat.

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