How to Install a Back Seat in a Jeep Wrangler

by Jen Davis

Jeep Wranglers have more removable parts than most traditional vehicles. You can remove the top, the doors, the windows and even the back seat of your Wrangler with relatively little effort. However, sometimes you may need to put some or all of these pieces back into the vehicle. You will need to put the back seat in your Jeep if you want to take more than one friend along with you on a trip, for instance.

Step 1

Clean out the back of Jeep and make sure the brackets that hold the back seat in the Jeep are clean and clear of debris. You will find these brackets on either side of the floor behind the front seats, inboard of the rear wheel wells.

Step 2

Lift the back seat into Jeep. It will be easier for you to maneuver and see what you are doing if the seat is folded down. Make sure the seat buckles are falling on the inside of the seat instead of poking out the back where they cannot be used.

Step 3

Lower one side of the seat so that the metal prong on the bottom of the seat will be inserted into the bracket. It will click into place when it goes into the proper location at the proper angle.

Lower the other side of the seat down evenly so that the hardware will click into position in the bracket. When the seat is properly installed, it will not wiggle. You can test it by shoving lightly against the back of the seat. If it moves, it is not properly installed. If it does not move, pull the seat back into the upright position.


  • Improperly installing the back seat can cause injuries or death for passengers riding on it.

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