How to Dilute Antifreeze

by Christopher John

Antifreeze is often available pre-diluted. But if you obtain concentrated antifreeze, always dilute it with water before adding it to a cooling system. Adding the right amount of water provides the needed protection against both freezing and boiling over. Avoid tap water, which contains levels of calcium and magnesium, and contributes to scaling and corrosion. Even if you are not adding the antifreeze to a system immediately, you can still dilute and prepare the antifreeze beforehand, and store it until you are ready to use it.

Step 1

Pour half of the gallon-container of antifreeze into an empty, clean one-gallon container.

Step 2

Fill each of the gallon containers, which are both already half-filled with antifreeze, with distilled water. Each container should now contain a 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze.

Step 3

Use a higher percentage of antifreeze in the water/antifreeze mix, to protect against extremely lower temperatures in colder climates. Use up to 70 percent antifreeze, and 30 percent distilled water, in the one-gallon container.

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