How to Install a Bonnet (Hood) Badge on a Jaguar

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Jaguar cars are beautifully designed automobiles that demand attention...especially from vandals! It is very common for people to pry off the Jaguar leaper from the hood of the car. Unfortunately, a replacement hood ornament usually runs for $160! However, there is another option if you own an S-Type or X-Type. You can buy a growler badge on the Internet for about $40, and install that in the leapers place. Growler badges are used instead of the leaper on European Jags (hood ornaments are illegal in Europe). Follow the steps below to successfully remove the base, and prepare your car for the replacement badge.

Step 1

Pop the hood, and remove the large bolt underneath the base (you may be able to do so with your hand). Close the hood

Step 2

Little by little, wedge the plastic scraper (or guitar picks) underneath the base (from the top) to create a little gap. Leave the scraper jammed underneath the base, so the gap is exposed.

Step 3

Take a piece of dental floss and slide it under base (via the gap left from the scraper). Note: you will encounter an obstacle about 2/3 of the way through the base. It is a small piece of metal that fits into another small hole on the hood for extra stability.

Step 4

Now that the adhesive has been broken, place another scraper on the bottom of the base. Use the two jammed scrapers and pop the base off the hood.

Step 5

Remove the excess adhesive and clean the surrounding area. The hood is now ready to install the badge. Just peel the paper off the back of the badge and pop it into place

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