Chrysler 300 Front Grille Removal Instructions

by Ryan Bauer
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There are any reasons you might want to remove the front grille from your Chrysler 300. This is one of the most commonly customized cars, and aftermarket grilles are often used to replace the stock one. Other reasons for removing the grille could include replacing or repairing it after an accident, or to have more access to the engine for mechanical work to be performed.

Removing the grille can be a tedious process requiring several hours to complete, since some of the screws are very difficult to reach. An offset screwdriver will be required for this process. These ratchet-action screwdrivers operate at a 90-degree angle, and are available at most automotive-parts stores. Without one of these tools, it would be next to impossible to access all of the screws holding the grill in place without removing the entire front bumper.

Step 1

Open the hood of your Chrysler 300 and look straight down toward the grille area. You will see two plastic covers on either side of the grill that overlap the top of it. These will be in the way of the mounting screws, and must be removed. Grab them and pull them off, using firm pressure. They will simply pop off the car. Set them aside for now.

Step 2

Remove the four plastic inserts that the covers you just removed were hiding. These inserts resemble thumbtacks, and can be pulled out of place without unscrewing them. You may have to pry them out with the tip of a flathead screwdriver. They are small and can easily get lost, so store them in a safe location for when you put everything back together.

Step 3

Gently pull forward (away from the car) on the outer cover that is connected to the bumper. Now that the plastic inserts have been removed, it will be free to move away from the car, but will not detach, since it is still connected at the bottom. A little bit of extra room is all that is needed for this job, so further disassembly of the front end is not required.

Step 4

Look inside the perimeter of the grille from the inside of the engine bay. There are 10 screws in total holding the grille in place. There is one plastic square-head screw on either side, and eight Phillips-head screws--half on the top and half on the bottom. To begin, remove the top four screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver. These should come out easily. Also remove the two square-head plastic screws located on either side of the grill, using a star screwdriver.

Step 5

Feel across the bottom of the grille from the inside and note the location of the four remaining Phillips-head screws. These are in a very tight space, and it is impossible to remove them with a regular screwdriver. Insert a Phillips bit into your offset screwdriver and slide it under the grille. You will now be able to loosen each of the screws and set them aside as well. Be careful when removing the last one, because the grille will now be free and allowed to fall off the car.

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