How to Remove the Headlight Lens Cover on a Volvo S80

by Jeffery Thompson

Having a cracked headlight on a Volvo S80 is not out of the ordinary. Broken headlights are not only unpleasing aesthetically, it is also a violation of traffic law to drive with one. Replacing a cracked headlight on your Volvo S80 through a mechanic can cost upwards of a couple hundred dollars. If you buy the replacement lens on your own and install it yourself, you can save a lot of time and money.

Step 1

Remove the outside layers of the front bumper to enable access to the four screws underneath. Unscrew each screw, and place aside to replace later. Once these four screws are removed, you will be able remove the entire front bumper apparatus.

Step 2

Open the hood once you have pulled off the front bumper. There will be two plastic pieces that hold the headlight lenses in place, directly underneath the bumper that was removed.

Step 3

Press down these two plastic pieces until you hear a distinctive clacking noise. Once you hear this, stop pressing or you may end up destroying them.

Step 4

Rotate the Torx screwdriver clockwise in the area directly between the tire and the headlight to open the control panel underneath the front bumper. Once you have access to this panel, remove the two screws holding it in place and remove it. Taking this panel off will uncover the sides of each lens on either side of the car.

Step 5

Remove the four small metal clasps on each lens cover that hold the lens in place. You'll need to take each clasp off to remove the lens piece.

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