How to Take the Radio out of Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

Despite the overhaul, the process of removing the radio is the same in all Vehicles models. This is because Vehicles uses the same radio setup in its Vehicles. These radios require a special key tool that greatly simplifies removal. It shouldn't require more than a few minutes of your time to take out the radio in an Vehicles.

Under The Hood:

 How to Take the Radio out of a 1989 Honda Accord

Remove the two screws on each side of the center dash console with a screwdriver.

Raise the back of the center dash console up. Pull the console away from the dash assembly and set the dash console aside.

Pull out and remove the ashtray. Pull out the metal ashtray bracket by removing the two screws at the top of the bracket holding the ashtray. Remove the screw behind the metal bracket.

Loosen the two 8-mm bolts holding the radio to the metal bracket with a wrench. Loosen the bolts just enough to loosen the mounting bracket for the radio. Leave the bolts in place.

Grasp the radio firmly and pull it toward you. Remove the radio from the dash.

Unplug the white plastic wire harness connector. Unplug the black cable from the back of the radio.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • Wrench

 How to Take Out the Radio in 2001 VW Passat


Open the vehicle's hood and locate the battery. Disconnect the black negative battery cable from the battery post labeled "-" or "NEG" using an appropriate-size socket or wrench.

Examine the stereo head unit and locate the key slots on each side. Insert one removal key into the left-hand slot, below the "BASS" button. Pull out the side of the radio, using the ringed end of the removal key, enough to disengage the lock for that side.

Insert the remaining key into the right-hand slot, below the "CC" button. Hold both removal keys and pull the radio out halfway, or at least enough to grip the sides of the unit with both hands. Pull out the radio unit to expose the wiring harness and antenna connected to the rear of the unit.

Depress the plastic clips on the side of the radio wiring harness and remove the harness from the rear of the radio. Unplug the round antenna from the rear of the unit.

Remove the keys from the key slots; you may need to move the keys back-and-forth and side-to-side to release them from the radio.


Connect the wiring harness block to the corresponding connection at the rear of the radio. The arrangement of the wiring harness pins will prevent incorrect or reversed connections to the radio. Make sure the plastic clips for the wiring harness are seated properly.

Reconnect the antenna cable to the corresponding female connection at the rear of the radio.

Tuck the wiring back into the dash console. Slide the radio back into the mounting area. You do not need the removal keys for installation, as the locking clips on each side of the radio will automatically engage when the unit is fitted flush with the surrounding trim bezel.

Items you will need

  • Socket or wrench set

  • VW Passat radio removal keys

 How to Take Out the Radio in an Audi TT

Acquire Audi radio removal keys. Like several other German brands (such as Volkswagen and Porsche), Audi radios require special keys. Buy them at an Audi dealer or from an online retailer. If your TT radio is double-din, you'll need four keys; if it's single-din, you'll need only two keys.

Unhook the negative battery cable. The battery in the 3.2 model is in the trunk; all others are under the hood. Use a pair of pliers to remove the nut from the negative battery terminal, then slide the cable off.

Insert the Audi radio keys fully into the corners of the radio. Grasp the radio and pull it straight out.

Press the two tabs on the sides of the Audi radio wiring harness; pull the harness from the rear of the radio.

Disconnect the antenna cable by pulling it straight out.

Items you will need

  • Audi radio keys

  • Pliers

 How Take the Radio Out of a Mitsubishi Galant

Turn the engine off and unhook the negative battery cable to prevent electrical shock.

Remove the radio trim panel. Use a panel trim tool to pry the edge of the panel away, and then pop it off with your hands.

Remove the climate control module. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the four screws mounting the module. Pull it out and unplug the harness from behind it.

Remove the radio. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws securing the radio to the dash (below the radio, behind the slot where the climate control module was mounted). Slide the radio out.

Disconnect the wiring. Unplug the factory wiring harness from behind the radio, and then unplug the antenna connection.

Items you will need

  • Pliers

  • Panel trim tool

  • Phillips head screwdriver

 How to Take a Radio Out of a Mazda Premacy

Disconnect your negative battery cable for before beginning the procedure.

Twist your shift knob counterclockwise to unscrew it from your console shifter. The knob is removed in the same manner whether you have an automatic or a manual transmission.

Use your hands to pry up the shifter trim panel. The panel is only attached by clips and will easily come off. Once the clips are disengaged, pull the trim panel over the shifter and set it aside.

Remove the single screw that is made visible once the trim panel is removed.

Use your hands to pull off the side-console trim panel (closest to the gas pedal), and then remove the same panel on the opposite side of the console.

Remove the screw on each side of the console. They will become visible with the side-console trim panel removed.

Grab the console panel on each side and lift it to remove it from the center console and shifter.

Remove the two screws made visible with the console panel removed. The screws are on the lower portion of the radio and climate control interface.

Remove the radio and climate control interface panel from the dash. Disconnect the factory wiring harness and the antenna cable.

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver

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