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How to Remove the Radio from a Lincoln Car

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Modern Lincoln cars have similar dash setups to their sister vehicles, sold under the Ford or Mercury brand. Removing the radio from a Lincoln car is not difficult but the exact process will vary slightly between models. The process for removing the radio in the Lincoln Town Car is the same for all models made between 2003 and 2007. Removing the radio in the Lincoln LS is the same for all models made between 2000 and 2006.

Lincoln Town Car


Use your pliers to disconnect the negative battery cable (Symbol: "--").


Remove the two bolts (7mm) from the instrument cluster (speedometer casing) ceiling.


Grasp the front dash panel above the instrument cluster and above the radio. Pull the panel towards you to disengage the clips and remove the panel. Pull the panel a few inches away from the dash and disconnect any electrical connections that may be present.


Remove the two bolts (7mm) above the analog clock (above the radio). Pull the analog clock out and disconnect the electrical connection.


Remove the four bolts (7mm) mounting the radio into the dash. Carefully pull the radio out and unplug the antenna and factory wiring harness.

Lincoln LS


Turn the key to the "On" position. Apply the parking brake and move the transmission to "N" (Neutral).


Insert the trim tool into the left corner of the trim panel beneath the radio (next to the pop-out ashtray). Pry the left side of the panel away and then insert the tool into the right side of the panel and pry it away. Lift the panel up and over the gear shift selector.


Remove the two Phillips screws on the sides of the ashtray and then remove the two bolts (7mm) beneath the ashtray. Pull the ashtray out and unplug the connection for the cigarette lighter.


Remove the four bolts (7mm) mounting the radio and climate control panel. Pull the panels out (they are attached) to access the rear of the radio.


Remove the four Phillips screws attaching the climate control panel to the radio. Disconnect the wiring harness and the antenna from behind the radio and then separate the radio from the climate control panel.


  • Wear gloves to help you remove the Town Car's dash panel.
  • If you do not have a trim tool, you can purchase one at any auto parts store. You can also use a flat-head screwdriver. If using a flat-head screwdriver, wrap the tip in tape (such as masking tape) to prevent scratching your console.

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