How to Reset a Computer in an Cars

by Contributing Writer; Updated June 12, 2017

The Audi car on an Audi car allows the driver to manually select gears while driving. Unlike a traditional automatic Audi car the Audi car attempts to combine the best of both Audi car types. The Audi car is an automatic Audi car at heart, with the ability to manually control the gears it is in. This gives the driver an incredible amount of control over the vehicle, similar to how a standard Audi car gives gear selection control to the driver, but without the skill involved with operating a manual clutch. While these Audi car are reliable in Audi car vehicles, they do occasionally malfunction. If you are having problems with gear selection, you can try to manually reset the Audi car computer by cutting and restoring power to it.

Under The Hood:

 How to Reset a Computer in an Oldsmobile Alero

Reset the Main Engine Computer

Open the hood of your Alero and secure it with the security bar. Make sure that the key is out of the ignition.

Disconnect the negative battery cable. To do this, you need to release the clamp that is on the battery post by using an adjustable wrench or pliers to loosen the clamp screw. The negative battery cable is the black cable.

Wrap a clean towel around the metal clamp on the end of the negative battery cable. Leave the negative battery cable unhooked for at least ten minutes. You can set the cable down as long as the towel is wrapped around it.

Replace the negative battery cable. Tighten the clamp screw until it is secure.

Start the Alero. You will have to reset the clock and the radio. Allow the car to idle for five minutes. If the check engine light comes on during this time, you need to have your Alero serviced.

Reset the Oil Diagnostic Computer

Check the oil level in your Alero to make sure that the oil level is sufficient before you reset the oil diagnostic computer. To do this, you need to remove the oil dipstick in front of the engine. It has a black handle. Wipe off the dipstick with a clean paper towel. Replace the dipstick and remove it again. Look at where the oil stops on the dipstick. If it is in the acceptable range between the 'MAX' and 'MIN' marks, continue with the reset. If it is too low, you should add oil to see if that corrects the problem. If it is above the 'MAX' mark, you will have to drain some oil out.

Turn the key in the ignition to the 'On' position. This is the middle position where the radio will come on but the car stays off.

Leave the key in this position for ten minutes. If you are worried about draining the battery, turn off the radio and all of the lights.

Pump the accelerator three times while the key is still in the 'On' position. The pedal should go as far down as possible and then released fully before you pump it again.

Turn the key to the 'Off' position. Leave it off for one minute.

Start the ignition. The oil light should be off.

Reset the Security Computer

Turn the key in the ignition to start the Alero. If it won't start, leave the key in the 'On' position for ten minutes. All of the doors have to be closed when you do this.

Try to start the ignition again. Let it idle for five minutes before you put it in gear.

Take your Alero to a dealership as soon as possible to have the security codes reset. In most cases, doing this will prevent the security alert that stops the car from starting.

Items you will need

  • Wrench

  • Pliers

  • Towel

  • Paper towels

 How to Reset the Computer on a GMC

Open the door on your GMC vehicle and locate the port to the left of the fuse panel.

Plug the electrical connector from the OBD scan tool into the OBD port.

Turn the ignition key to the "II" position.

Wait for the check engine light to go out. At this point, your engine codes will be reset. You will also get a reading on your OBD scan tool, which will tell you any error codes. Some tools have a "reset" button, which allows you to control the resetting of the computer rather than letting the scan tool automatically clear the codes.

Items you will need

  • OBD scan tool

 How to Reset the Computer in a Jeep Cherokee

Find the Data Link Connector port next to the fuse panel under the driver's dashboard. Plug the computerized scan tool into this port.

Check the computerized scan tool's owner's manual on exactly how to clear the codes and reset the computer because each model is a little different. Most scan tools will have a "delete codes" command on the faceplate or within the menu that you can scroll to and select.

Delete all codes. This will reset the vehicle's computer. Unplug the scan tool.

Put the key into the ignition and start the vehicle. Verify that all warning lights and service lights have shut off on the instrument panel.

Items you will need

  • Computerized scan tool

  • Ignition key

 How to Reset a Computer in a 2002 GMC Envoy

Park and turn off the vehicle's ignition. Open and secure the hood. Disconnect the negative battery cable with an adjustable wrench.

Turn on the vehicle's headlight switch inside the vehicle's passenger compartment. The lights will not come on with the battery disconnected, but any remaining power will drain. Wait five minutes and turn off the headlight switch.

Connect the negative battery cable with an adjustable wrench.

Drive the vehicle for at least 30 minutes to allow the computer time to reset.

Items you will need

  • Adjustable wrench

 How to Reset the Computer on an Audi Tiptronic Transmission

Open the hood and loosen the 10mm retaining nut on the Audi's negative battery cable clamp using a socket wrench.

Slide the clamp off the battery terminal.

Wait 15 minutes. Then, reconnect the battery cable. This will reset the ECU (electronic control module) and the TCM (transmission control module).

Items you will need

  • Socket wrench

  • 10mm Socket

 How to Reset the Computer in a B5 Passat

Turn off your Volkswagen B5 Passat.

Raise your Volkswagen B5 Passat's hood and locate the car's battery.

Wipe the battery's cables and terminals with a soft cloth to remove any corrosion and dirt. Wear latex gloves to keep your hands clean.

Use a wrench or socket set to disconnect both the positive and negative cables from the battery terminals.

Wait 15 seconds, then touch the ends of the positive and negative cables together for 10 seconds.

Reconnect the positive cable to the battery first then the negative cable.

Leave your driver's side car door open. Place the Volkswagen B5 Passat key in the ignition. Your driver's side car door needs to be open—the computer cannot be reset with the door closed or with the car running.

Turn the ignition to the “On” position but do not start the car.

Leave the key in the “On” position for 30 seconds.

Turn on your Volkswagen B5 Passat—the computer is now reset.

Items you will need

  • Soft cloth

  • Latex gloves

  • Wrench or socket set

 How to Reset the Computer on a Nissan Sentra

Insert the code scanner's connector into the OBD port located under the dash to the right of the steering column.

Turn the ignition key to the run position. Make sure the engine is off.

Press the button for "Read" on the code scanner. Within less than 1 minute, the scanner will display all failure codes that are stored in its memory.

Write down the failure codes displayed by the scanner. Cross-reference the codes with the code sheet that comes with the scanner. The codes are displayed with a letter followed by a four-digit number code. Deciphering these codes by cross-referencing them with the code sheet offers an explanation of the failure.

Turn the key off. Correct the failure so that the computer can be reset.

Turn the ignition key on, keeping the engine off. Press the "Erase" button on the scanner. Start the vehicle and allow it to run for 5 minutes. Watch for the check engine light to come back on. If it does, the problem has not been corrected. If it stays off, the problem has been successfully resolved.

Items you will need

  • Code scanner

 How to Reset the Computer on a 1997 BMW 528i

Open the fuse panel in your 528i by pulling down on the fuse panel cover in the driver's side foot well with your fingers.

Locate the large, round, open OBD port on the main fuse panel.

Plug the OBD plug from the reset tool into the open port on the fuse panel.

Turn the ignition to the on position but don't crank the engine.

Wait for the reset tool to reset the BMW's computer. When this is finished, the "service engine" light on your dash will blink and then shut off.

Items you will need

  • OBD reset tool

 How to Reset the Computer on a 2004 Jaguar XJ8

Start with the ignition key in the "O" -- ignition off -- position. Press and hold the rear fog lamp switch.

Press the "Start" button -- as though trying to start the car -- without putting your foot on the brake; this will put the car into "Power Mode 6." Immediately release the fog lamp switch.

Press and hold the computer display cycle switch, then press and hold the rear fog lamp switch again. Continue holding the two of them while the system resets.

Look at the display. If the process has been successful, the message center will display "Resetting Service Mode" for 10 seconds. After that time, it will read "service Mode Reset."

Release both switches and remove the key from the ignition.

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