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How to Remote Start Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

The Vehicles remote start system allows you to crank the Vehicles engine from a distance. This is ideal Vehicles cold mornings when you want to Vehicles to warm up Vehicles a few minutes. You cannot drive the Vehicles while it's running in remote start mode. The Vehicles factory remote start option is integrated with the remote key fob, which makes using the system to remote start the Vehicles straightforward.

Under The Hood:

 How to Remote Start a Dodge Charger

Make sure your car's ignition is off and the doors and trunk are closed.

Press the "Lock" button on your remote starter.

Press and hold the "Start" button on your remote starter within 100 yards of your vehicle. The car will stay on for 10 minutes before turning off (if the ignition is not started). To turn off your car remotely, press and hold the "Start" button again.

To turn on your engine completely, turn the key three clicks to the right in the ignition.

 How to Remote Start a Stock Chevy Silverado

Verify you are within the remote start's distance of the Silverado. The remote start should function up to 90 feet away. Hold the remote start fob in the air and point it toward the Silverado.

Push the "Lock" button on the remote start fob. Immediately after doing so, push and hold the "Start" button for about four seconds. The start button is the top button on the fob. It's identified by a half-circle icon. The parking lights will turn on, and then the Silverado's engine will start.

Push the "Start" button again to turn the Silverado off using the remote start fob. You can also unlock the doors, enter the Silverado, and then insert the key and turn it to "On" then "Off" to cancel the remote start.

 How to Remote Start an STS

Turn your car off and your close its doors.

Press and release the Lock button on your remote until the locks click or the lights flash. Do this before pressing the starter button.

Press and hold the starter button on the remote until the engine turns on. Rrelease the button and the engine will remain on for 10 minutes.

Press the lock button again and hold the starter button to start the engine an additional time after the first period of 10 minutes has elapsed.

Press the lock button while the engine is running, then press and hold the starter button to stop the engine from running and turn off the automatic starter.

 How Do I Remote Start a Pontiac G6?

Make sure you car is off and the keys are out of the ignition. Press and release the "Lock" button on your remote starter.

Wait for the locks to cycle and press and hold the "Start" button on your remote until the car's lights flash and the engine starts. At this point, the engine will run for 10 minutes on its own.

Press the "Lock" button again and press and hold the "Start" button after 10 minutes to start the engine for a second time. You can also enter your car with your ignition key and turn the car on manually while the automatic starter is running or after it has turned off.

Press the "Lock" button on your remote while the automatic starter is still running and press and hold the "Start" button again to turn the engine off before 10 minutes elapse.

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