How to Check the Oil Level on Vehicles

by Contributing Writer; Updated June 12, 2017

Motor oil is critical to the operation of a Vehicles motorcycle, cooling and lubricating the moving components within the motor and transmission. Checking the oil level before each ride is a good habit that can prevent serious problems caused by oil Vehicles. Unfortunately, with so many variations of the Vehicles cruiser offered by Vehicles figuring out how and where to check the oil can be a problem. To ease the problem, most Vehicles variants use a dipstick placed on the motor. The Warrior, however, places the dipstick under the seat.

Under The Hood:

 How to Check the Oil Level on a Honda Goldwing

Start the motor and allow it to idle for several minutes.

Stop the engine and place the Goldwing on its center stand.

Remove the right-side engine cover.

Unscrew the engine oil dipstick and pull it out. The dipstick has a black handle and is on the upper part of the right side of the engine.

Wipe off the oil end of the dipstick and re-insert it, but do not screw it in.

Carefully pull out the dipstick and do not handle the oil end of it. If the oil is full, it will be at the upper mark on the dipstick's first segment.

Insert the dipstick and screw it in with your hand, but do not screw it in too tightly.

Items you will need

  • Rag

 How Do I Check the Oil Level in a Yamaha Virago 750?

Shift your motorcycle into "Neutral" and start the motor, allowing the oil to warm by letting the motor run for five to 10 minutes. Once the motor has warmed up to operating temperature, stop the motor and turn the ignition switch to the "Off" position.

Stand to the left of the motorcycle locate the oil sight glass on the side of the motor. The sight glass is positioned below the front cylinder on the engine case.

Crouch down slightly and grasp the left handlebar with your left hand. Place your right hand on the seat and carefully push the motorcycle into an upright position.

Watch the oil sight glass as it fills and compare the oil level with the oil level indicator marks on the sight glass. Properly warmed oil levels should be as close to the middle of both marks as possible. If the oil level is closer to the lower mark, add oil slowly in through the oil filler cap to raise the oil level. A high oil level may be lowered by draining small amounts of oil from the motor with a hand pump.

Lower the motorcycle slowly onto its side stand.

 How to Check the Oil Level in a 1999 Toyota Camry

Park the vehicle on a flat, level surface and switch the engine off. Wait about five minutes for the engine oil to drip back into the engine oil pan, so you get an accurate reading when you check the engine oil.

Pull the hood-lock release lever on the driver's side of the vehicle. The lever is located to the left of the steering wheel, below the dash.

Unlatch the auxiliary catch lever and lift the hood up. The auxiliary catch lever is located between the hood and grill. Press the latch upward to release it.

Lock the hood in place by lifting up on the support rod along the front of the engine bay and inserting the tip into the support rod slot on the bottom of the hood.

Locate the engine oil-level dipstick. The dipstick is located on the top of the engine block, slightly to the left. The top of the dipstick is a circular yellow ring.

Grip the ring of the dipstick in one hand and pull the dipstick out slowly. Support the bottom of the dipstick with the other hand. Handle the bottom of the dipstick with the paper towel or rag to prevent getting oil on your hands.

Clean the end of the dipstick with the paper towel or rag and reinsert it into the dipstick hole. Pull the dipstick down into the hole completely.

Pull the dipstick back out and examine the end of it. The 1999 Toyota Camry has two types of dipsticks, one with two holes in the end and the other with an "L" and "F" marked on the end. Ensure that the oil level is between the "L" and "F" or between the two holes. If the oil level is below the "L" or bottom hole, add oil to the engine.

Replace the dipstick and add extra oil if necessary. Lower the hood.

Items you will need

  • Paper towel or rag

 How to Check the Oil Level in a Harley Heritage Classic

Locate the oil filler cap on the right side of the oil pan. The cap is on the top half of the tank, pressed into a short tube welded onto the tank.

Pull the cap out of the tube welded onto the tank. The dipstick is secured to the bottom of the cap.

Inspect the stick for the oil-level line cut into it. Add oil if the oil level is below the oil-level line. Replace the filler cap. Do not add oil if the oil level is above the oil-level line. Replace the filler cap.

 How to Check the Oil Level in a BMW K 1200 LT

Wait at least ten minutes after operating the K 1200 LT.

Place the motorcycle on its center stand so it is level.

Check the oil by looking in the inspection glass, located on the lower-right side of the engine. The upper and lower ring markings on the glass represent the maximum and minimum oil levels, respectively.

 How Do I Check the Oil Level on a Yamaha V-Star 1100?

Lower your V-Star onto its kick stand, shift into neutral and start the motor. Allow the motor to run for a few minutes, warming up the oil to provide an accurate oil level reading. Stop the motor and turn off the ignition switch once the oil is warmed completely.

Position yourself on the left side of the motorcycle. Crouch down slightly so that you can see the "oil sight glass" window on the engine case, just above the front left foot peg. Take note of the upper and lower indicator marks on the oil sight glass window. The upper mark denotes the maximum oil capacity, while the lower mark denotes a nearly empty oil level.

Grasp the left handlebar with your left hand and the motorcycle frame with your right hand. Raise the motorcycle into an upright, vertical position. Observe the oil sight glass window as it fills with oil; hold the motorcycle steady as the oil may take a few seconds to fill.

Take note of the oil level in relation to the upper and lower oil level indicator marks on the sight glass. The oil level should be at or near the middle of both marks. If the oil level is too high, drain a small amount from the motor with a hand pump from the oil filler neck. Likewise, add oil slowly into the oil filler neck to increase the oil level.

Gently lower the motorcycle back onto its kick stand.

 How to Check the Oil Level on a Yamaha Road Star 1700

Warm the motorcycle up for three minutes, allowing it to idle in place.

Stop the motor and lift the motorcycle off its kickstand. Slide a block of wood under the kickstand and rest the motorcycle onto it so that the motorcycle is essentially standing straight instead of leaning.

Unscrew the filler cap from the left side of the motor, between the front and rear cylinders.

Wipe the filler cap's dipstick with a clean rag and reinsert it completely into the motor.

Pull the cap and its dipstick out of the motor. Look at the oil mark on the tip of the dipstick. Ideally, the oil mark should be positioned midway between the "Full" and "Fill" lines imprinted on the dipstick.

Use a funnel to slowly pour a small amount of 10W40 motor oil into the motor if the oil level is below the Fill line. Check the oil level again, adding more oil as needed to raise the oil mark to the midway point between the Full and Fill lines.

Screw the filler cap onto the motor. Raise the motorcycle off its kickstand and remove the block of wood. Rest the motorcycle onto its kickstand.

Items you will need

  • Wood block

  • Rag

  • Funnel

  • 10W40 motor oil

 How to Check the Oil Level on a 2007 BMW 328

Check OIl Level Using Dipstick

Park your 328i on a level surface. Turn off the engine, and open the car's hood.

Locate the dipstick's handle in your engine bay. It will be on the driver's side of your engine bay, opposite of the filler neck used to add new oil.

Gently pull the dip stick out, and wipe it clean with a paper towel.

Slowly re-insert the dipstick into the tube all the way, and pull it out again.

Check the engine oil level visually by looking at the markings on the bottom of the dip stick. The oil level should be between the notches at the bottom and top of the dipstick's measuring end. The bottom-most marker designates the minimum oil level while the top marker indicates maximum level.

Check Engine Oil Level Using On-Board Computer

Insert your ignition key into the 328i, and turn the vehicle on.

Press the small vertical button on the front of your turn signal stalk until the display between the speedometer and tachometer reads "OIL" and an oil icon is displayed.

Press the button located at the end of your turn signal stalk to reveal a digital reading of the engine's oil level. If more oil is needed, the display will show "+1 qts". If the oil level is fine, the display will read "OK."

Items you will need

  • Ignition key for 2007 328i

  • Paper towels

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