How to Check the Oil on a Honda CBR

by Chris Gilliland

Racing and high-performance street riding demand a steady supply of oil to avoid engine failure, making it absolutely necessary for a Honda CBR rider to check their oil before every ride. To speed up the process, Honda has done away with the messy and time-consuming dip stick method and incorporated an oil level gauge into the right crankcase cover. Instead of having to remove, clean and reinsert a dip stick, you can visually check your CBR's oil with a single glance. The CBR should be warmed thoroughly before you check the oil to ensure an accurate reading.

Step 1

Start the CBR's motor while the motorcycle is parked on its kick stand. Let the motorcycle idle for three minutes, allowing the oil to warm to its operating temperature. Stop the motor after it has warmed.

Step 2

Kneel to the right of the motorcycle and locate the round oil level gauge on the right crankcase cover. Certain CBR models, such as 2004 through 2007 CBR1000RRs, have the oil gauges behind the lower fairing. On these models, a small window cut into the lower fairing is used to view the gauge.

Step 3

Grasp the right handlebar and the right passenger foot peg and pull the motorcycle toward you until it is in a completely vertical position. Hold the motorcycle in place to fill the oil level gauge.

Step 4

Take note of the oil level in relation to the upper and lower marks etched into the sides of the oil level gauge. Ideally, the oil level should be centered between both marks. Lower the motorcycle onto its kick stand.

Step 5

Add a small amount of 10W40 motor oil through the right crankcase cover's filler neck if the oil level is closer to the gauge's lower mark. Check the oil level again, following the same method, and add more oil as needed.

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