How to Check the Oil on a Yamaha Vino 125

by Chris Gilliland

Checking the oil level on your 125cc Yamaha Vino scooter will ensure that the motor is adequately lubricated at all times. Yamaha has made the task easier with the inclusion of a oil level sight glass built into the motor, allowing you to visually inspect the oil level and condition without the need for a messy dipstick. This also means that you can check the oil level before every ride, a good habit that will prevent problems before they become real trouble.

Step 1

Park the scooter on a level surface and lift it onto its center stand. Start the motor and let it idle for three minutes, allowing the motor oil to warm up. Stop the motor and turn off the ignition.

Step 2

Locate the oil-level sight glass on the left side of the motor, positioned just below the air filter cover. The oil sight glass should be partially filled with oil. Ideally the oil should fill up to three-quarters of the sight glass.

Step 3

Raise the oil level by adding small amounts of oil at a time into the oil tank under the scooter's seat. Place a funnel into the oil tank's filler neck to prevent spills. Lower the oil level by siphoning excess oil out of the oil tank with a hand pump.

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