Goldwing 1200 Oil Specifications

by William Bronleigh

The Honda Gold Wing is a large touring motorcycle that was introduced in 1975. The popular Japanese-engineered tour bike has undergone many transformations since its original iteration as the GL1000. The GL1200 Gold Wing was introduced in 1984 and was in production until 1987 in Aspencade and Interstate variations. The GL1200 was powered by a 1,182cc flat-four-cylinder engine. Like all motorcycles, Honda recommends you use a specific type of oil for the GL1200.

Engine Oil Specifications

Honda recommends Honda-brand four-stroke engine oil or an equivalent oil for oil changes. The oil you use should be a high-detergent premium-quality oil. Furthermore, this oil should meet Service SE or SF classifications. Honda does not recommend using any oil additives.

Oil Change Specifications

Honda recommends using a SAE 10W-40 oil for oil changes, which will provide protection between 10 degrees Fahrenheit and over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 20W-40 and 20W-50 weight oils are recommended only for use when ambient temperatures are 30 degrees Fahrenheit and above. The amount of oil required for a GL1200 oil change is 3.4 U.S. quarts. The oil filter torque recommended is 20 to 24 pound-feet.

Final Drive Oil Specifications

As the GL1200 Gold Wing has a shaft final drive, it requires oil in the final drive. The oil level should be slightly lower than the lower edge of the inspection port when the bike is placed on a center stand. The recommended oil for the final drive is hypoid gear oil.

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