Differential Oil for Yamaha Golf Carts

by Kyle McBride

The 2013 golf cart from Yamaha -- the YDRE for the 48-volt electric drive or the YDRA for the four-stroke gas drive -- is equipped with an internal wet brake. Using oil other than what Yamaha recommends for the transaxle will cause brake noise.

Differential Oil

Your Yamaha Golf Car takes 1.85 quarts of Yamalube Friction Modified Shaft Drive Gear Oil. If Yamalube Friction Modified Shaft Drive Gear Oil is not available, you can mix 1.75 quarts of 80W90 gear oil with 0.10 quarts of API G15 Limited Slip Additive. Use an 8 mm wrench to remove the oil-servicing plug on the rear of the transaxle case located under bag holder insert. The oil level should be at the top of the oil-serving hole or just oozing out of the hole when the plug is removed. When you reinstall the plug, torque it to 120 to 168 inch-pounds.

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