How to Change the Heater Core in a Buick

by Daniel ValladaresUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Socket wrench

  • Phillips screwdriver

Your Buick vehicle has a heater core under the dashboard that heats up the air from the air conditioning unit before it is sent out by the blower. A faulty heater core can be a huge problem since it can cause coolant to leak out onto the passenger’s side of the interior compartment or even cause white smoke to billow out of the Buick’s air vents. Thankfully, replacing the heater core is fairly straightforward, although it will take more than one hour to complete.

Lift up your Buick's hood and disconnect its battery with a socket wrench.

Open the passenger-side door and remove the four screws from the kick panel underneath the glove box.

Remove the kick panel from the vehicle. Disconnect the two wiring connectors revealed by taking off the kick panel.

Open the glove box and remove its contents. Remove the screws securing the glove box to the dashboard and remove the glove box.

Pull down the flange to access the heater core. Remove the two bolts from the heater core case and lift off the case.

Disconnect the heater core's wiring connector. Remove its four securing screws with a Phillips screwdriver and remove the heater core from the vehicle.

Place a new heater core into the vehicle and reconnect the wiring connector. Reinstall the screws. Reattach the heater core case and install the bolts.

Reattach the kick panel and glove box and their screws. Reconnect the battery and close the Buick's hood.

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