How to Change the Cabin Air Filter on Cars

by Contributing Writer; Updated June 12, 2017

Mitsubishi car equips purifier air filters in all their vehicles, including the Mitsubishi car. The purifier air filter is also called the cabin air filter and is installed behind the passenger side glove box. Mitsubishi car recommends replacing the cabin air filter at each regular yearly inspection to ensure optimal air quality within the vehicle. The filter is responsible for eliminating pollen, allergens, dust and debris from the air before it enters the vehicle. A clogged cabin air filter will decrease the air flow through the vents and reduce air quality inside the vehicle.

Under The Hood:

 How to Change the Cabin Air Filter on a Ford Expedition

How to Change the Cabin Air filter on Your Ford Expedition

Locate the cabin air filter container on your Ford Expedition. If you are standing in front of the vehicle, looking at the engine, it will be on the back, left side of the engine, next to the heater fan. You will see a black cover over the top of the container. The air filter is approximately 6" x 9" and about 2" deep. Look for a black casing that will be about 10" across and 8" high. The box sits vertically against the firewall of the vehicle.

Remove the cover of the cabin air filter by lightly prying on it with a screwdriver. The cover is secured with plastic tabs that pop off quite often. If this happens, you can buy replacements at your local automotive store.

Remove the cabin air filter, and vacuum out the container to remove any dust or debris. Wipe it down with a clean damp cloth and let the inside of the container dry before inserting new filter.

Place new cabin air filter in container and secure the cover, replacing tabs if needed. Remove tools from engine compartment and close hood.

You are now able to enjoy driving with clean air flowing through the inside of your car.

Items you will need

  • Cabin air filter for Ford Expedition Pliers Screwdriver Clean damp cloth Handheld vacuum

 How to Replace a Cabin Air Filter in a 1997 Dodge Ram

Remove your glove box by unscrewing the two screws that are just under the dashboard above the passenger-side floor of your truck. The glove compartment should pull out relatively easily.

Pull the cabin air filter straight out of the rectangular box that you will see directly behind the glove compartment when sitting in your front passenger seat. The air filter is easily identified because it has a black tab and when you pull it, you will see that it resembles a paper accordion.

Clean the inside of the cabin air-filter container using your shop rag. The rag can be dampened with warm water to gather any dirt that may not be wiped up easily.

Slide the new air filter completely into the cabin container. Be sure that it is all the way in before replacing the glove box.

Mount the glove-compartment box back into its proper position, using caution not to force anything into place.

Refasten the screws into the glove compartment's bottom side, and your cabin air-filter replacement is done.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • New cabin air filter

  • Shop rag

 How to Change a Cabin Air Filter on a 2002 Ford Ranger

Lift the hood of your Ranger to expose the engine.

Locate the cabin air-filter compartment just beneath the passenger-side windshield.

Open the black lid on the container by removing the retaining screw with your Phillips screwdriver.

Pull the old filter out, using caution to not let loose debris fall back into the cabin container.

Wipe the inside of the filter container out with your shop rag.

Insert the new filter with the black plastic tabs pointing upward, just as the previous filter had been resting.

Replace the black cover and retaining screw, again using your Philips screwdriver.

Close the hood of your truck and your Ranger's cabin air filter is now changed successfully.

Items you will need

  • New cabin air filter

  • Shop rag

  • Phillips screwdrivers

 How to Replace a Cabin Air Filter on a Sierra

Park your Sierra on a flat and level spot. Place an old blanket or dropcloth on the ground beside the passenger side door. Open the passenger side door. You'll be doing a lot of work down low, so get comfortable.

Take the flashlight and look for the plastic panel that is located underneath the glove box. On most Sierra models, this is held in place with four screws. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws. Take the panel and screws and set them aside.

Locate the hinged door to the air cabin filter located beneath the panel you removed. Remove the screw holding the door in place and allow the door to swing open downwards.

Remove the old air filter by pulling downwards. Replace the new air filter in the slot, making sure that the arrows on the filter are pointing towards the cabin.

Close the cabin air filter door and secure in place with the screw.

Replace the access panel. Secure with the screws.

Items you will need

  • Dropcloth or work blanket

  • Screwdriver

 How to Replace a Cabin Air Filter on a 2005 GMC

Remove the glove compartment box using the screwdriver to unbolt the screws above the passenger-side floor in your GMC.

Locate the cabin air filter by removing the black plastic panel to expose the filter's handle. The panel should pull off easily without any tools; if it is difficult to grasp, use a flat-head screwdriver to nudge it open with a slight prying motion.

Pull the filter handle to remove the old filter from the cabin container. Use the shop rag to help prevent dirt and dust from spreading into the cabin or onto the floor.

Moisten the shop rag with warm water and wipe out the inside of the air filter container. (Do not use any cleaners.)

Place the new filter into the cabin container. Check to be sure it is fully secured in place before replacing the lid.

Put the lid back onto the air filter container and listen for a clicking sound, indicating that the cover is on correctly. If necessary, jiggle the lid a bit to be sure it doesn't fall back off.

Re-mount the glove compartment using the screwdriver and screws you removed.

Items you will need

  • New GMC cabin air filter

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • Phillip's screwdriver

  • Shop rag

 How to Replace a Cabin Air Filter in a Murano

2003 to 2007 Murano

Remove the three screws from the panel below the glove box door. Pull the panel off and set it aside.

Open the glove box and remove the screws visible at the top; then remove the screws from the glove box striker latch (Torx screws).

Pull the entire glove box assembly from the dash, and unhook the connections from the rear.

Pop off the cabin air filter cover, and pull the used filter out. Insert the new filter with the arrow pointing down.

Replace the filter cover, and reattach the glove box assembly. Replace the mounting screws.

2008 and Newer Muranos

Remove the side carpet panel (against the center console) in the passenger side footwell. Pull the top part of the carpet panel from the center console (it's tucked in), and then pull the panel toward the rear of the vehicle to remove it.

Push in the filter cover tab to remove the cover. Set the filter cover aside.

Grab the used filter by the bottom and carefully pull it out. Insert the new filter with the arrow pointing to the rear of the vehicle.

Replace the filter cover by pushing it over the mount until it locks in.

Replace the carpet panel, and reattach the clips to finish.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • Torx bit or Torx screwdriver

  • Replacement microfilter

 How to Change the Cabin Air Filter in an Escalade

Position yourself next to the passenger seat and look underneath the glove box compartment to find the plastic kick panel.

Remove the four Phillips screws from the kick panel. Pull the kick panel off and move it to the side. You'll be able to see the filter compartment door behind the kick panel.

Remove the single Phillips screw from the filter compartment door. Pull the door off to access the cabin air filters.

Slide the first filter out of the compartment. Grasp the second filter, move it to the right, and pull it out of the compartment.

Insert the first cabin air filter and position it to the left. Then, insert the second cabin air filter. Re-attach the filter compartment door by tightening the screw.

Hold the plastic kick panel against its mount. Insert the screws and tighten them to replace the kick panel.

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • 2 replacement cabin air filters

 How to Change the Cabin Air Filter on a Jeep Cherokee

Pop open the hood of your Cherokee and find the cabin's air-filter compartment, located on the passenger side of the engine. You can recognize the compartment by its black cover.

Pry off the plastic compartment cover by gently using your flat-head screwdriver. The cover can be set aside until after the new filter is inserted.

Pull the old filter out of the filter container's slot, being careful to not let the dirt from the filter fall back into the container.

Clean the air-filter container with your shop rag. The rag can be moistened with water if the dirt is particularly stubborn. Insert the replacement filter.

Place the compartment's lid back onto the container and listen for the snaps, which will indicate that the top is secured.

Items you will need

  • New air filter

  • Old rag

  • Screwdriver

 How to Change a Cabin Air Filter in a Hummer

Find and remove the screws that are securing the panel that is covering access to the air filter with the nut driver. The screws are located under the glove box on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Set the panel aside. Locate the access door for the cabin filter that was under the panel.

Remove the screw that is used to secure the access door with the screwdriver. Set the screw aside so you do not lose it.

Open the door and pull out the first filter. Pull out any additional filters that are inside the compartment.

Take the new filters out of the package and insert them into the filter compartment.

Close the access door and then replace the screw. Tighten the screw to secure the door.

Set the panel back into place and secure it with the screws.

Items you will need

  • Nut driver

  • Screwdriver

 How to Change the Cabin Air Filter in a Nissan Frontier

Replacing a Cabin Air Filter on a 2002 Through 2004 Frontier

Open the glove box and pry the pivot pins from the rear part of the inside of the glove box, using a flat-head screwdriver. Pivot the glove box downward and pull it from the dashboard.

Pry the clip from the top of the reinforcement panel -- the plastic panel behind the glove box -- using a flat-head screwdriver. Remove the seven reinforcement panel-retaining screws, using a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the reinforcement panel from the inside of the dashboard, exposing the cooling box behind it.

Pull the metal clip from the bottom of the cooling unit. Pull the lower filter from the cooling box, and pull the upper filter out of the cooling box.

Insert the first filter into the lower position in the cooling box. Slide the filter upward and into the top position and slide the second filter into the lower filter position in the cooling box. Press the clip onto the bottom of the cooling box to lock the filters in place.

Set the reinforcement panel inside the dashboard, and tighten the seven screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Press the clip into the top of the reinforcement panel.

Set the glove box back into the dashboard, and press the pivot pins back into place on the inside of the glove box. Close the glove box.

Replacing a Cabin Air Filter on a 2005 Through 2011 Frontier

Open the glove box. Press the sides of the glove box inward, so the glove box stopper pins clear the dashboard, and pull the dashboard from the dashboard. Allow the retaining cord on the rear of the glove box to support the glove box, exposing the cooling unit behind the glove box.

Remove the nut holding the filter access door -- the rectangular, plastic door on the cooling unit -- with a ratchet and socket, and pull the filter cover from the cooling unit.

Pull the leftmost filter from the cooling unit. Slide the rightmost filter to the left and pull it from the cooling unit.

Insert one filter into the cooling unit, with the airflow arrow pointing downward, and slide it to the right. Insert the second filter into the cooling unit.

Reinstall the filter access door, and tighten the nut with a ratchet and socket.

Pivot the glove box upward and press the sides inward, so the glove box stoppers clear the dashboard. Insert the glove box into the dashboard and release the sides. Close the glove box.

Items you will need

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • Phillips screwdriver

 How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter in a Mitsubishi Outlander

Turn the vehicle off and open the passenger side glove compartment box. Remove any items stored in the glove box.

Remove the two screws inside the top of the glove compartment box and slide the glove box out of the way. The glove box compartment will not be removed completely but will dangle enough to access the cabin air filter behind it.

Locate the cabin air filter housing which is a rectangular, plastic case. Remove the four screws located at the corners of the case using a flat head screwdriver. Remove the case cover by lifting it off of the unit. Pull the cabin air filter out of the retainer clips and discard it.

Insert the replacement cabin air filter by sliding it into the retainer clips then replace the case cover. Reinstall the screws in the corners of the air filter housing using the screwdriver. Reposition the glove compartment box into place. Secure the two screws holding the glove box to the dashboard using the flat head screwdriver.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • Replacement cabin air filter

 How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter in a Saturn L200

How to replace the cabin air filter in your Saturn L200

Locate the air cabin air filter on your Saturn L200. If you are standing in front of your vehicle, looking at the engine, the filter compartment will be in the left, rear of the engine. Locate a flat, black covered container and remove any clamps securing the lid. Lift the cover to locate the cabin air filter.

Remove the old air filter from the container. Using a clean cloth, remove any dust or dirt from inside the container where the filter will go.

Remove the new cabin air filter from the box, and place the old filter in the box to discard. Place the new filter in the container from which you removed the old filter, making sure it is positioned correctly.

Secure the lid to the air filter container by replacing any clamps or pins that you removed. Remove any tools from the engine compartment and close the hood.

Turn the car engine on for a moment to test the air filter. You have just changed the cabin air filter of your Saturn L200.

Items you will need

  • New Cabin Air Filter Pliers Screwdriver Clean Dry Cloth

 How to Change a Cabin Air Filter in a 99 GMC Yukon

Turn the vehicle off to ensure no air passes through the filter and vents while replacing the filter.

Open the passenger-side glove compartment. Remove all of the items stored in the compartment and place in a safe spot.

Notice the four screws in each corner of the interior ceiling of the Yukon glove compartment. Remove these four screws using a flat-head screwdriver. The Yukon glove box will now hang down, allowing access to the cabin filter.

Locate the rectangular plastic housing, behind the glove compartment. Pull down the housing cover to access the cabin filter. Pull the cabin filter out of the housing by sliding it out of the clips securing it in place.

Slide the replacement filter into the clips. Push the housing cover closed. Lift the glove compartment back into place so it fits snugly into the dashboard. While holding the glove compartment up to the dashboard, replace each screw and tighten with the screwdriver. Replace the items stored in the glove compartment and close the compartment door.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • Replacement cabin filter

 How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter in a Mercury Mariner

Turn off the engine. Open the hood.

Remove the screws on the cowl panel grille on the passenger side of the engine compartment. The grille is located directly below the windshield.

Lift up the cowl panel grille and set it aside.

Remove the two screws in the water shield that is now exposed.

Remove the water shield to expose the cabin air filter.

Lift out the old cabin air filter.

Insert the new cabin air filter into the filter compartment. Make sure the "air flow" indicator arrow printed on the filter is pointing down.

Replace the water shield. Install the two screws that hold the water shield in place.

Items you will need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • New cabin air filter

 How to Change a Cabin Air Filter in a 1999 Jaguar XJ8

Turn the engine off. Open the hood to access the bolts that secure the windshield wiper arms.

Remove the bolts with a socket wrench. Lift the windshield wiper arms up and away from the engine compartment cowl cover.

Remove the five Phillips head screws from the engine compartment cowl cover. Grasp the cowl cover and lift it away from the compartment.

Locate the cabin air filter compartment on the passenger cowl, near the strut tower. Push down the two clips on the side of the compartment. Grasp the top of the filter and lift it out.

Insert the new filter with the arrows pointing toward the windshield. Push up the two side clips to secure the filter. Replace the engine compartment cowl cover and tighten the five screws.

Reinsert the end of the windshield wiper arms on the posts. Tighten the two bolts to secure the windshield wiper arms.

Items you will need

  • Socket wrench

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Replacement cabin air filter

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