How to Change a Tire for a Toyota Sequoia

by Aaron GingoldUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Spare tire

  • Jack stand

  • Lugnut wrench/jack wrench

Changing the tire on your Toyota Sequoia is a simple task when done correctly. Before hitting the road, make sure your tire changing kit is complete and in good working condition. Not having the tools to change a tire makes it impossible to complete the task. Your kit should contain a jack stand and a jack wrench that doubles as a lug nut wrench. These two items are an essential part to changing a Toyota Sequoia tire. Also, you will need to have a regular or full-sized spare tire that is not damaged in any way. In the Sequoia the spare tire and jack kit are located underneath the trunk panel.

Remove your spare tire and tire-changing kit from underneath the trunk panel of your Sequoia.

Loosen the lug nuts on your tire by attaching your lug nut wrench to each lug nut and turning it counterclockwise. These nuts are tightened to an extreme level to keep your tire from falling off. Significant force will be needed to loosen each lug nut.

Insert your jack stand in the delegated spot underneath your car. There is a specific spot to place your jack in front of or behind each tire. With back tires, this spot is in front of the back axle. For front tires, this spot is located behind the front axle. Do not jack up your Sequoia in any spot other than the designed spot.

Raise your jack stand by attaching the hooked end of your lug nut wrench to the tow ring on your jack and twisting the lug nut wrench in a clockwise motion. With each turn of your wrench, your jack will be raised.

Remove your lug nuts completely once your car is six inches of the ground.

Place your spare tire on the axle once your other tire has been removed.

Reapply and tighten your lug nuts on your spare tire. While the car is still jacked, you will not be able to get the torque to tighten the lug nuts to a safe level.

Lower the car by turning your jack counterclockwise in the manner explained in step four.

Remove your jack and tighten your lug nuts to a safe driving level.

Place your tire underneath your trunk panel with your tire-changing kit.


Tire wheels can be expensive, so be sure to hold onto the tire you have just changed off your car.


Do not attempt to move your jack while your car is off the ground.

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