How to Change Transmission Fluid in a 1995 Ford F150

by Ashton Daigle

Your 1995 Ford F-150 is a durable, tough truck that can handle long miles on the road and heavy payloads. Although the F-150 is built to be a hard worker, its parts are subject to wear and tear and do need to be serviced regularly. One such vital organ on your F-150 is its transmission. The transmission is responsible for shifting gears. Transmission fluid is a lubricant that is circulated throughout your F-150's transmission to keep its parts moving smoothly.

Step 1

Slide the jack under your F-150's rear and and crank its handle to raise the jack up. Jack the rear end up and place jack stands beneath your rear frame. The rear frame on your F-150 is very durable and makes the perfect spot to set jack stands. Lower the F-150 onto the jack stands and make sure your emergency brake is on. It is recommended that you change your F-150 transmission fluid once every 40,000 miles.

Step 2

Locate the transmission fluid drain plug. Slide your drain pan under the plug. On your F-150 it is located at the rear bottom of your transmission's crank case. Remove the plug with a socket set.

Step 3

Allow all the fluid to empty into the drain pan. Replace the transmission fluid drain plug by tightening it to the right with your socket set.

Step 4

Open the hood of your F-150 and pull the transmission fluid dipstick out. Place along, skinny funnel into the transmission fluid dipstick hole. Add 5 quarts of transmission fluid. Replace the dipstick, start your engine and check the fluid level agaim. Add an extra quart if it still reads low on the dipstick.

Jack truck up slightly and remove the jack stands. Lower your F-150 from the jack.

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