How to Remove an Oil Pan on a Ranger

by Ashton Daigle

Your Ford Ranger is a durable vehicle. The oil pan on your Ford Ranger holds your engine oil as it is circulated through the engine by the oil pump. The circulation of oil through your Ranger's engine is necessary to keep the engine from overheating. Over time your oil pan can sustain damages or even leaks. If this happens you can replace your own pan. In order to replace your pan, though, you will have to remove the old one first.

Step 1

Place your Ranger in neutral and jack up the front end. Place the jack stands under your front frame and lower your Ranger onto them.

Step 2

Loacte the oil pan on your Ranger. Exact location may vary with different year of Rangers, but generally, the oil pan is located dead center near the front axle.

Step 3

Remove the drain plug from your Ranger with a socket set. Allow all the oil to fully drain out into your drain pan. Replace the drain plug once all of the oil has drained out.

Step 4

Locate the retaining bolts that are located around the perimeter of your oil pan. There are approximately 24 bolts. However, that number may vary with different years.

Step 5

Remove all the oil pan retaining bolts. Pry your oil pan open and off with a flathead screwdriver.

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