How to Do an Engine Flush Using Transmission Fluid

by Mathew Godfrey
car engine image by itsallgood from

Engine oil can begin to clump and build up inside a vehicle's engine, causing damage as a result. However, an engine oil flush will get rid of the majority of these clumps and protect your vehicle from engine damage. Transmission fluid, because of its consistency, makes a good solvent. However, you cannot use transmission fluid by itself to perform an engine flush--you must add it to engine oil.

Step 1

Drain the oil out of your car and remove the oil filter from the vehicle.

Step 2

Put a new oil filter on your vehicle and add one quart of transmission fluid to the standard motor oil that you are going to put into your vehicle.

Step 3

Start the engine and let the vehicle idle for 15 minutes. Turn the vehicle off and let the engine cool down completely before continuing with the following steps.

Step 4

Drain the fluid from the vehicle and remove the oil filter.

Put a new oil filter on the vehicle and fill it with synthetic or synthetic-blend oil. This is a higher quality oil than standard oil and will prolong the life of your engine.