How to Remove the Oil Pan From a Volkswagen Passat

by Jennifer Habersham

Changing the oil on your vehicle is a very dirty and somewhat challenging job. That is the main reason that most people seek the help of a professional to change their oil. However, with a little bit of knowledge and quite a bit of elbow grease, you can easily change the oil on your car by yourself. To change your oil you have to remove your car's oil pan. Thankfully on a Volkswagen Passat, this is an easy process.

Step 1

Engage your car's emergency break. Even though your car will be powered off while you are working, you should still take this safety precaution.

Step 2

Place your car jack about 6 to 8 inches behind the front tire and jack the car up.

Step 3

Slide a jack stand under your car to keep it raised. Repeat on the other side of your car.

Step 4

Put your gloves on and slide under your Passat. Bring your drip pan with you.

Step 5

Locate your Passat's oil pan. It is located directly underneath the engine and is rectangular in shape.

Step 6

Drain the oil from your car by removing the oil plug. Allow the oil to collect in your drip pan.

Step 7

Using your wrench, remove the four bolts that hold the Passat's oil pan in place. Once the bolts are removed, the oil pan will simply come off.

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