How to Do an Oil Change on a Honda CRF450

by Sean Farmer
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Changing the oil in your Honda CFR 450 is part of the bike's regularly scheduled maintenance. Replacing the old motor oil with new oil will not only keep you bike in the best running condition, it will also prevent critical engine failure. Regular motor oil changes keep crucial internal engine parts well-lubricated and free from carbon build up or other destructive debris. Changing the oil on a CFR 450 is a quick and simple process.

Step 1

Run your bike for a minute or two to warm up the oil so that it flows out easier. Make sure to turn off your bike before draining the oil.

Step 2

Attach the 12mm socket and ratchet to the oil drain bolt, located at the bottom of the engine's left hand side. Turn the ratchet counter clockwise until the entire bolt comes out. Let the motor oil completely drain into the oil pan. Once finished reattach the bolt.

Step 3

Remove the oil cap on the left hand side of the motor, and insert the funnel. Use the measuring cup to measure out 700cc's of motor oil. Pour the motor oil into the funnel. Once finished, remove the funnel, and replace the oil cap.

Step 4

Dispose of your used motor oil per your local oil disposal regulations.

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