How to Replace a Neutral Safety Switch on a Sentra

by Ashton Daigle

Your Nissan Sentra comes equipped with many safety features, including a neutral safety switch. This device, which is attached to the undercarriage of your Sentra near the transmission, prevents you from starting your vehicle in any other gear except for park and neutral. If the neutral safety switch goes out, you can replace it yourself. These switches can be ordered from any auto parts store or are available from the dealership.

Step 1

Raise the rear end of your Sentra with a jack. Slide jack stands under the rear end and align them with the frame. Lower your Sentra onto the jack stands and set the emergency brake.

Step 2

Locate the neutral safety switch on your Sentra by sliding under the car and looking up at the transmission. The switch is typically mounted on the passenger's side of the transmission toward the rear. The switch is small and oblong-shaped and will be the only device in that area that has a plastic plug attached to the back of it.

Step 3

Remove the electrical plug from the rear of the neutral safety switch. Depending on the year of your Sentra, there may be two tabs that have to be depressed to unplug the switch.

Step 4

Use a socket set to remove the retaining bolt that holds the neutral safety switch in place.

Step 5

Install the new switch then replace and tighten the retaining bolt to hold it in place. Reconnect the electrical wiring plug into the new neutral safety switch.

Step 6

Raise your Sentra with the jack just enough to remove the jack stands. Pull the jack stands out then lower your Sentra to the ground.

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