How to Change a Flat Tire on a Slope

by Editorial Team

We will all have to change a tire at some point. Safety is an important issue whether you are out on the roads or in your own driveway. Several challenges can arise when the dreaded time finally arrives. Here is how to safely change a flat tire on a slope when roadside assistance isn’t an option.

Step 1

Carry the tools listed in your trunk always. When you are broken down, you will not be able to conveniently run to get these items. Park your vehicle as far away from traffic as possible.

Step 2

Block a tire. If you are stopped at a point where your vehicle is facing an uphill slope, you will want to take your piece of wood and block the opposite back side of the vehicle than where your flat tire is. If your vehicle is pointed on a downhill slope, you will need to block the front tire, which is on the opposite side of the flat tire side.

Step 3

Take your jack and lift the side of the vehicle close to the wheel that has to come off. Make sure your vehicle and jack are secure before removing anything on the tire.

Step 4

For stubborn wheel covers. Use the straight end of your lug wrench to work around the wheel. You can also use another tool in the other hand to have more leverage on the wheel. Once loosened, it will pop off like a lid on a paint can.

Step 5

Loosen lug nuts. Take your wrench to loosen each lug nut, turning all of them to the left one-half turn only. Take them off and set aside. Work wheel off of lugs carefully. No harsh moves because your vehicle is still jacked up. If the tire is stubborn simply jab the outer part of the tire and it will come off easier.

Step 6

Lay the flat tire aside and put your spare tire on. Snug the new tire with wrench. Lower jack so tire is on the ground, resting firm. Replace and tighten lugs in a pattern. For the typical five lug nut tire, use a star pattern: right bottom, left top, right top and left bottom.

Step 7

Before going home, pick up all of your tools, tire and wheel block.

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