What Are the Causes of Camber Wear on Tires?

by Tony Oldhand
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You always have to replace tires, particularly on the front wheel. The tires look new, except that they wear out on one side or the other. This is a classic sign of camber wear, and by determining the causes, steps can be taken to resolve this issue, so that you don't have to drain your bank account by replacing tires constantly.

Tire pressure

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This is the easiest repair of all. Use a tire gauge, and always maintain proper tire pressure, which will aid in uneven wear patterns. If your tires still wear out after proper pressure, then the problem may lie elsewhere.

Wheel Alignment

Out of alignment front wheels cause uneven tire wear by constantly pulling to one side or the other while driving down the road. Most large auto departments do wheel alignments, as well as auto repair shops. This is a simple procedure that will cure uneven tire wear.

Worn Suspension Components

Worn suspension components are another source of camber wear on tires. These may include worn ball joints, worn tie rod ends or worn A-arm bolts. Your auto mechanic can diagnose the problem and offer recommendations as to what the correct course of action to take.

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