Ford Focus Starter Removal

by Chris Moore

The starter motor on the Ford Focus is one of the key components to the starting/ignition system. If the starter has to be removed for replacement, you first need to know the type of engine your model Focus has. The engine type goes a long way to determining the exact removal procedure, particularly the other parts you need to remove to reach the starter.

Disabling the Power

Because you're dealing with a part connected to the electrical system, disconnect the negative cable from the car battery. This is the black cable. Once disconnected, set the cable aside where it can't accidentally connect back onto the battery terminal.

Accessing the Starter

For most Focus models, apply the parking brake and raise the car's front end on axle stands. You should remove certain parts to reach the starter motor, and the exact parts vary depending on the type of engine the car has. On a 2.0-l engine, it helps to remove the air cleaner outlet tube from the throttle body by loosening its clip. Also unbolt and remove the power steering pump without disconnecting its lines; you also must do this on some 2.3-l engines. On a Zetec-E engine, remove the MAF sensor, PVC pipe before you can remove the starter's upper bolts; the electrical connectors and lower bolts are accessible after you raise the car.

A Focus with a Duratec engine can be the most difficult because you need to remove the intake manifold. This requires you to remove the oil level dipstick tube, the air intake pipe from the throttle body, the electrical connectors from the throttle position sensor and idle air control valve, and the vacuum hoses and wiring harness from the manifold. Now you can remove the bolts securing the manifold to the cylinder head and disconnect the PVC hose behind it and the electrical connector on the knock sensor.

Removing the Starter

Once all the needed parts are disconnected, disconnect all the mounting bolts from the starter motor, then release it from the dowels on the transmission housing to remove it from the engine. You may need to turn it to an angle to remove it, because the starter is in close quarters with other parts. As you remove the starter motor, disconnect the wiring for the starter by removing its nuts.

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