How to Pull the Cylinder Head from a Chevy 2.2L Motor

by James Marshall

General Motors manufactured a four-cylinder 2.2-liter engine known simply as the 2.2 engine from 1990 to 1997. This engine appears in many GM vehicles from this period, such as the Chevrolet Cavalier. The cylinder head in this 2.2-liter engine is part of the combustion chamber and sits on top of the engine block. The removal procedure for the cylinder head is generally similar for all vehicles with the 2.2-liter engine.

Step 1

Open the filler cap on the fuel tank to relieve the pressure in the fuel tank. Start the engine and disconnect the fuel pump fuse in the fuse box. Allow the engine to idle until it stalls and crank the engine for at least three seconds to ensure the fuel system is empty. Replace the fuel pump fuse in the fuse box.

Step 2

Remove the negative battery cable with a socket wrench to prevent the accidental discharge of fuel during the cylinder head removal. Disconnect the air cleaner assembly from the engine and detach the vacuum lines to access the cylinder head.

Step 3

Detach the electrical connectors from the engine to obtain access to the cylinder head. This typically includes the electrical connectors for the fuel injector, canister purge solenoid, manifold absolute pressure sensor, throttle position sensor, oxygen sensor and engine coolant temperature sensor.

Step 4

Disconnect the cables from the accelerator control bracket and remove the accelerator control bracket from the engine with a socket wrench. Raise the vehicle with a floor jack and support it on jack stands.

Step 5

Remove the exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold. Place a clean container under the drain plug for the radiator and open the drain plug. Drain the coolant into the container and store the coolant for reuse. Lower the vehicle with the floor jack.

Step 6

Relieve the tension on the serpentine drive belt by turning the belt tensioner counterclockwise and detach the serpentine drive belt from its pulleys. Disconnect the alternator from the engine. Remove the bracket for the power steering pump with a socket wrench and push the pump aside to gain access to the cylinder block.

Step 7

Support the engine with engine support fixture J-28467-A. Disconnect the upper motor mount with a socket wrench and remove the bracket for the drive belt tensioner.

Step 8

Remove the electrical wiring from the spark plugs and disconnect the evaporative emissions line under the intake manifold. Detach the outlet coolant hose from the engine. Disconnect the transmission filler tube from the intake manifold if your vehicle has automatic transmission. Detach the fuel lines from the engine and detach the valve cover from the engine.

Step 9

Record the position of the rocker arms and push rods before removing them from the cylinder block. This will allow you to install them to the correct positions later.

Step 10

Note the positions of the cylinder head bolts before removing them with a socket wrench. Lift the cylinder head from the cylinder block with the intake and exhaust manifolds still attached. Remove both manifolds from the cylinder head.

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