How to Install a Starter in a Chrysler PT Cruiser

by John Rose
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The starter on the Chrysler PT Cruiser is at the front of the engine, in the center of the car, close to the transmission. When it starts to fail, you'll hear a rapid clicking sound coming from it when you try to start the car. In a case like this you'll need to install a new starter but you want to be careful about what you actually buy as a replacement. A starter that has been rebuilt may have had only the part that failed replaced to make it operational, while a re-manufactured starter or even a new one will be comprised of all new parts.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery terminal from the car using a wrench to loosen the nut.

Step 2

Remove the air cleaner box cover by unclipping it and pulling it off. The air cleaner box is a black box. Remove the engine structural collar using a socket and ratchet to remove the 5 bolts.

Step 3

Mark the electrical wires on the starter using the marker and masking tape. Disconnect the wires using a wrench to remove the nuts. Unplug the wiring harness from the solenoid.

Step 4

Remove the bolts from the starter motor using a ratchet and socket. Pull the starter motor away from the engine and up out of the car.

Step 5

Put the new starter in place and tighten the bolts with the socket and ratchet. Reconnect the electrical wires to the starter and tighten the nuts with the wrench. Plug the wiring harness back into the solenoid. Put the engine structural collar back into place and tighten the five bolts using the socket and ratchet.

Step 6

Put the air cleaner cover back on the car and clip it into place. Reconnect the negative battery terminal and tighten the nut with the wrench. Start the car and test the installation.

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