How to Replace a Starter in a Nissan Truck

by David McGuffin

If you are having trouble starting your Nissan truck, there is a chance that your starter needs replacing. In order to identify whether the problem is your starter or your battery, jump start the truck using another vehicle. If the truck does not start and you hear a revolving and clicking sound, the starter is bad.

Step 1

Locate the starter. Generally, the starter is located between the engine and the transmission of a vehicle. Another way to positively identify the starter is to follow the positive battery cable to where it splits; one side runs to the starter, the other to the alternator. Look for a part that is about half the size of a football and looks like two cylindrical pieces joined together (one cylinder is larger than the other). If the starter is located toward the bottom of the engine, you must raise the truck on ramps or jack stands.

Step 2

Remove the negative battery terminal cable from the truck's battery, using a socket wrench. Wait 15 minutes before doing any work around the truck's engine to allow any charges to dissipate.

Step 3

Remove any parts that prevent you from accessing the starter on your Nissan truck, if necessary. (For example, the starter may be located underneath the air intake system, which can often be removed by unsnapping a couple of clips, hoses and screws.)

Step 4

Disconnect the electrical connection tab leading to the starter.

Step 5

Use a socket wrench to undo the bolts holding the starter in place. Generally, there are two bolts securing the starter; sometimes there are three, depending on the model of the starter. Be sure to put the bolts in a place where they will not be lost or dirtied.

Step 6

Install the new starter into place, making sure that the bolts go in easily and smoothly. If they do not, that may be an indicator that the starter is not lining up correctly with the flywheel of the car. If the starter is not aligned properly with the flywheel, it will not start the car when it is cranked.

Step 7

Reconnect the electrical connection tabs and the negative battery terminal cable. If you removed any parts in order to access the starter, reinstall them in the correct order and placement. Lower the truck if you had to raise it on ramps or jack stands in order to access the starter.

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