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How to Fix Power Seats in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Contributor

For owners of the 1999 to 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, an annoying popping or clicking noise in their seats may be part of driving. The sound can become distracting while accelerating, braking or turning. Learn how to fix this problem by reading the following tips.

Step 1

Order Part Number 04318066AB. The part is called "Spray White Lube Lithium Grease."

Step 2

Adjust the seat using the power switches to raise the seat cushion until it can't raise anymore. Verify that you have access to the front and rear pivots.

Step 3

Put lubricant between each spring washer's backside and on the rail of the seat frame. Make sure that all touching surfaces or surfaces that are designed for future contact are lubricated. Lubricate the washers on every corner of your power seat's frame.

Step 4

Lubricate the pivot shaft and the seat rail frame. Pay special attention to the areas designed to touch.

Step 5

Use the power switch to move the seat backwards, forwards, up and down so that the lubricant evenly distributes throughout the parts.

Step 6

Repeat all of these steps again on the same seat. Repeating the steps ensures that you have applied enough lubricant.

Wipe away excess lubricant from the power seat or its mechanical parts. Use your seat like normal.


  • You can also perform this repair on the passenger seat if it sounds like it's effected as well.
  • Refer to your owner's manual for further clarification about power seat parts. You may also find numbered diagrams to help you with the repair.

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